Agent #37 – Plus! Plus! Plus!

It appears this little blog of mine has turned a corner! Someone named J. W. Manus, a writer and fellow WordPress blogger, somehow–I’m really not sure how–found my blog, read it, and liked it enough to click the LIKE button–twice! I have no idea who he is but it’s the first time I’ve encountered someone who is reading these scribblings who isn’t in my address book. So thank you J. W. Manus and I’ve added your blog to my Blogroll (see list of links on right hand side bar.)

I didn’t even have a Blogroll but I wanted to link J. W.’s blog to mine so I had to go to the ‘Help’ section and figure that one out. Like most things, it’s easy…when you know how. At any rate I now have a Blogroll with a list of links to related (i.e. Hollywood and/or writing) sites and blogs.

But now onto my next agent. As with agent #35, I heard about agent #37 from a writer/agent blog. And similarly to #35, what caught my attention was this agent admitting to being “delighted when transported by historical fiction.” HELLO! That’s music to my still-dulled-by-jetlag ears. Plus this particular agent lives in Los Angeles and, as I suspected when I started down this Road To Publication, my track record of getting agents interested in what I’m offering greatly improves when I approach an L.A. agent.

Plus she’s a relatively new agent and so is probably as hungry to build up her client list as I am to build my writing career with her.

Plus her background is in film – including stints at Tri-Star and HBO – so she knows film and Hollywood which is where my tome is set.

Plus she has a really nice face.

Most of which I know is largely irrelevant, but it’s still all win/win if you ask me.


About Martin Turnbull

The Hollywood's Garden of Allah novels blog is by Martin Turnbull, a Los Angeles based historical fiction author writing about the golden era of Hollywood in his series of novels set at the Garden of Allah Hotel, which stood on Sunset Blvd from 1927 to 1959. Check him out at and Facebook: "gardenofallahnovels"
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5 Responses to Agent #37 – Plus! Plus! Plus!

  1. JW Manus says:

    I love your attitude and I’m rooting for you, Martin. You’re telling a great story and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

  2. Linda Mansouria says:

    Good luck with Agent #37. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Love Linda

  3. JW Manus says:

    Hi, Martin. I found your blog while I was bebopping around wordpress. Your adventures are very entertaining. If your novel is as good as your blog, you’ll find an agent. Good luck.

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