Announcing the release of Book Two of the Garden of Allah novels: THE TROUBLE WITH SCARLETT

"The Trouble with Scarlett" by Martin Turnbull

“The Trouble with Scarlett” by Martin Turnbull

I am very happy to announce that my next novel
The Trouble with Scarlett
is now available.

The story picks up not long after the end of The Garden on Sunset, during the summer of 1936.


     Gone with the Wind, Margaret Mitchell’s first novel, takes the world by storm. Everyone knows Civil War pictures don’t make a dime, but renegade producer David O. Selznick snaps up the movie rights and suddenly America has just one question: Who will play Scarlett O’Hara?

When Gwendolyn Brick gets her hands on the book, the clouds part and the angels sing the Hallelujah Chorus. Only a real Southern belle can play Scarlett—and didn’t her mama raise her on stories of Sherman’s march and those damned Yankees? After years of slinging cigarettes at the Cocoanut Grove, Gwendolyn finds a new calling: to play Scarlett. But she’s not the only gal in town with a deep-fried accent. She’s going to have to stand out bigger than a hoop skirt at a Twelve Oaks barbeque to win that role.

Marcus Adler is the golden boy of Cosmopolitan Pictures, the studio William Randolph Hearst started for his mistress, Marion Davies. When Marcus’ screenplay becomes Davies’ biggest hit, he’s invited to Hearst Castle for the weekend. The kid who was kicked out of Pennsylvania gets to rub shoulders with Myrna Loy, Winston Churchill, and Katharine Hepburn—but the trip turns fiasco, and he starts sinking fast. He needs a new story, real big and real soon. So when F. Scott Fitzgerald moves into the Garden of Allah with a $1000-a-week MGM contract but no idea how to write a screenplay, Marcus says, “Pleased to meetcha. We need to talk.”

When Selznick asks George Cukor to direct Gone with the Wind, it’s the scoop of the year for Kathryn Massey, the Hollywood Reporter’s newest columnist. But dare she publish it? Scoops are the exclusive domain of the Hearst papers’ all-powerful, all-knowing, all-bitchy Louella Parsons. Nobody in Hollywood has ever dared to outscoop Louella—until now. When Louella fights back low and dirty, Kathryn’s boss lets her dangle like a scarecrow in a summer storm. Then the telephone rings. It’s Ida Koverman, Louis B. Mayer’s personal secretary, and she has a proposition she’d like to make.


The first chapter is available to read on my website: CHAPTER ONE


Martin Turnbull with "The Trouble with Scarlett"

Martin Turnbull with “The Trouble with Scarlett”

The Trouble with Scarlett is available in all formats:

Amazon Paperback

Amazon Kindle ebook

Barnes & Noble Nook ebook
– Sorry Nookers, but B&N are really dragging their feet. This should have been available by now but there’s no sign of it which is odd because you can buy the paperback on Go figure! So the status of the Nook version of this book remains: COMING SOON!

Apple iTunes ebook – go to iTunes Store and search on “The Trouble with Scarlett”

Diesel ebookstore

Amazon UK (paperback and Kindle ebook)


And when you have read it (and assuming, of course, that you enjoyed it), if you have the chance and inclination, I’d really appreciate it if you could leave a review on my Amazon page. Rate it as many stars as you see fit, and give your honest opinion. The more reviews a book has, the higher its Amazon profile. Thanks!

Or at the very least take a half-second and click on the “LIKE” button underneath the book’s title on the Amazon page. Apparently that helps a lot too! Thanks!

Oh, and if you could take a moment to do that for The Garden on Sunset, that’d be a huge help.


Have you read Book One yet?

The Garden on Sunset

is available in all formats
(audio book version coming soon!)

More information can be found on my website:

(The audiobook version of The Garden on Sunset is coming soon!)

> > >   S P E C I A L   P R O M O T I O N   < < <

As a special promotion to celebrate
the release of The Trouble with Scarlett,
the Kindle version of The Garden on Sunset has been slashed
to only 99 cents until the end of October 2012!
Procrastination is not recommended!

PLEASE NOTE: It is not necessary to have a Kindle ereader
to read the Kindle version of any book.
You can download the free Kindle app for any
computer, smart phone or mobile device.


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And a personal note to everyone who read The Garden on Sunset and took the time to tell me how much they enjoyed it: THANK YOU! Your support has been wonderfully encouraging.

All the best,

Martin Turnbull

P.S. – feel free to pass this email along to anybody who you think might be interested!



About Martin Turnbull

The Hollywood's Garden of Allah novels blog is by Martin Turnbull, a Los Angeles based historical fiction author ofa series of novels set at the Garden of Allah Hotel, which stood on Sunset Blvd from 1927 to 1959. Check him out at and Facebook: "gardenofallahnovels"
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5 Responses to Announcing the release of Book Two of the Garden of Allah novels: THE TROUBLE WITH SCARLETT

  1. Debbie Archibald says:

    Hello Martin, thank you for this email. Just to let you know I just ordered your two books via Amazon and hope to receive them shortly!! I’ve been wanting to read “The Garden on Sunset” for quite a while now. It’ll be great to have both to read back to back! Looking forward to reading them! Sincerely, Debbie ArchibaldA new fan from Montreal, Quebec Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2012 19:48:44 +0000 To:

    • Hello Debbie, Thanks for writing and thank you for expecting to like my books so much that you ordered the 2nd one without reading the 1st one! Do let me know what you think – I always love to hear from my readers!

  2. Jaye says:

    Way to go, Martin! It’s a terrific book. You should be very proud of yourself. Now hurry up and write the next book because I’m, you know, greedy. 😀

    • Thanks, Jaye! The next one will take a bit more time. Although I’ve gone through several drafts, “The Trouble with Scarlett” went through some re-writes which will require some changed in book 3, “Citizen Hollywood.” Watch this space!

  3. Jacqui Turnbull says:

    Yippee!!can’t wait to read it xxx

    Sent from my iPod

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