Announcing the release of the audiobook version of “Citizen Hollywood”

Citizen Hollywood Audiobook cover

I am very pleased and proud to announce the release of the audiobook version of book 3 in the “Garden of Allah” series: Citizen Hollywood.

The narrator of my audiobooks is John C. Zak and he has done another superb job breathing life into not just my characters – Marcus, Kathryn and Gwendolyn – but everyone who gets caught up in their lives – Orson Welles, William Randolph Hearst, Ramon Novarro, Zanuck, Mayer…the gang’s all here!

The Citizen Hollywood audiobook is available through:



(Book 3 in the Garden of Allah series)

by Martin Turnbull

Hollywood, 1939: When Tinseltown begins to woo wunderkind Orson Welles, he stashes himself at the Chateau Marmont until he’s ready to make his splashy entrance. But gossip columnist Kathryn Massey knows he’s there. Kathryn has been on the outs with Hollywood since her ill-fated move to Life magazine, but now that she’s back at the Hollywood Reporter, she’s desperate to find the Next Big Thing. Scooping Welles’ secret retreat would put her back on the map, but by the time she hears rumors about his dangerous new movie, she’s fallen prey to his charms.

She needs to repair her reputation, find out if Welles will take on the tycoon, and extricate herself from an affair with a man whose kisses make her melt like milk chocolate. Hollywood writers are only as good as their last screen credit, but Marcus Adler is still scrambling for his first. His Strange Cargo will star Clark Gable after Gone with the Wind wraps, but Machiavellian studio politics mean Marcus’ name might not make it to the screen. It’s time to play No More Mr. Nice Guy.

Opportunity knocks when his boss challenges the writing department to outdo The Adventures of Robin Hood, and Marcus is confident – until the love of his life bursts back onto the scene. How can he write another word until he knows for once and for all whether he and Ramon Navarro will be together? And to make matters worse, it seems like someone in town is trying to sabotage him.

Everyone knows if you haven’t made it in Hollywood by the time you’re 30, it’s curtains… and Gwendolyn Brick is starting to panic. She’s considering moving to a naval base in the Philippines with her baby brother, but she wants to give Hollywood one last go before she gives up. When she saves Twentieth Century Fox honcho Daryl F. Zanuck from an appalling fate at a poker game that goes awry, he rewards her with a chance at a role in a major movie. Gwendolyn needs to win before her ship sets sail. When William Randolph Hearst realizes Citizen Kane is based on him, he won’t be happy – and when Hearst isn’t happy, nobody’s safe. Marcus, Kathryn, and Gwendolyn need to go for broke, and the clock is ticking. Citizen Hollywood is the third in Martin Turnbull’s series of historical novels set during Hollywood’s golden age.


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About Martin Turnbull

The Hollywood's Garden of Allah novels blog is by Martin Turnbull, a Los Angeles based historical fiction author writing about the golden era of Hollywood in his series of novels set at the Garden of Allah Hotel, which stood on Sunset Blvd from 1927 to 1959. Check him out at and Facebook: "gardenofallahnovels"
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2 Responses to Announcing the release of the audiobook version of “Citizen Hollywood”

  1. Kurt Stone says:

    Dear Martin: Congratulations on the release of the audio book version of Citizen Hollywood. I do something similar in one of my college classes . . . a fourteen week course on short stories. Each week I take a different writer (Maugham, Fitzgerald, Cheever, Twain, De Maupassant, Chekov, etc.) and then, after delving into his/her biography and comments about writing style, do a (hopefully) dramatic reading of one or two of their stories. By the way, if you have not read Bud Schulberg’s The Disenchanted,, it has been rereleased. It is a marvelous read . . . especially for Hollywood junkies like you and me. I heartily recommend it . . . if you haven’t already read it. (I grew up with — and am still very close to — Alan Wald, whose uncle Jerry, was supposedly the prototype for Sammy Glick in Shulberg’s What Makes Sammy Run? Alan’s late father, Malvin, was, like his brother, a screenwriter. His best-known film was The Naked City.) Again, congratulations to you! Kurt Stone

    KFS (K.F. Stone Weekly) (Website)

    • Hey Kurt,

      Yes! I have read both “The Disenchanted” and “What Makes Sammy Run?” and loved them both! I didn’t know Jerry Wald was a model for Sammy. I must look into him some more!

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