Announcing the release of the audiobook version of “Searchlights and Shadows”

"Searchlights and Shadows" Audiobook CoverI am very pleased and proud to announce the release of the audiobook version of book 5 in the “Hollywood’s Garden of Allah” series: Searchlights and Shadows.

I now have a new narrator of my audiobooks: Lance Roger Axt and I think he’s done a wonderful job breathing life into not just Marcus, Kathryn and Gwendolyn, but also the dark days of WWII.

The Searchlights and Shadows audiobook is available through:



(Book 4 in the Hollywood’s Garden of Allah series)

by Martin Turnbull

At the dawn of 1942, the dark days of Pearl Harbor still loom over Los Angeles. America is now at war, and posters warn home-front Hollywoodites that loose lips sink ships.

Wartime propaganda is the name of the game, and the studios are expected to conjure stories that galvanize the public for the war effort. Marcus Adler is an MGM screenwriter whose latest movie was stolen out from under his whiskey glass, and he’s determined it won’t happen again. He comes up with a sure-fire hit, but his chance to triumph is threatened by a vicious rumor: “Marcus Adler is a goddamned Commie.”

Gwendolyn Brick is the handiest gal with a needle this side of Edith Head. After losing her job at the Cocoanut Grove, she dreams of opening her own dress store. But banks don’t make loans to single girls. However, wartime in L.A. opens the door to an opportunity that will rake in the bucks. But will it be worth the trouble if it drags her back into the orbit of Bugsy Siegel?

At the outbreak of war, the Hollywood Reporter’s circulation starts to shrink like a food rations coupon book. Its lead columnist, Kathryn Massey, realizes she can no longer ignore the obvious: her boss, Billy Wilkerson, is gambling away his fortune—and her future. Could their very survival depend on a place nobody’s heard of called Las Vegas?

In the city of searchlights, suspicions can lurk behind every shadow.


Hollywood's Garden of Allah novels, by Martin Turnbull~~~oOo~~~


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About Martin Turnbull

The Hollywood's Garden of Allah novels blog is by Martin Turnbull, a Los Angeles based historical fiction author of a series of novels set at the Garden of Allah Hotel, which stood on Sunset Blvd from 1927 to 1959. Check him out at and Facebook: "gardenofallahnovels"
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    So much is happening – I am so happy for you!!


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