Announcing the release of Book Five of Hollywood’s Garden of Allah novels: “REDS IN THE BEDS”

"Reds in the Beds" - book 5 - Martin Turnbull

I am very happy to announce that my new novel


is now available!


The action picks up a couple of months after the end of WWII, on November 2nd, 1945 at the closing of an iconic wartime institution for Angelenos and servicemen passing through LA: the Hollywood Canteen. What nobody can foresee is that instead of settling back into civilian life, Hollywood is soon caught up in battle with a new demon: the rise of anti-Communism.

It wasn’t until I was almost finished writing my first draft of Reds in the Beds that I became aware of the movie Trumbo (2015) starring Bryan Cranston. Dalton Trumbo wasTrumbo_(2015_film)_poster a highly respected and highly paid screenwriter at MGM when the House un-American Activities Committee descended on Hollywood. One of my protagonists, Marcus Adler, works at MGM and while Trumbo isn’t a character in the book, he is mentioned a number of times. In a variety of ways, Trumbo became the face of the Hollywood blacklist who struggled for years to regain his career after serving 11 months in a Kentucky penitentiary. How could I not mention him? Especially as the Hollywood blacklist came about largely at the hands of the boss of another of my characters, Kathryn Massey.

The fact that this movie surfaced while I was writing about the same events during the same period got me wondering about how Trumbo’s story and the lessons learned (or not learned) surrounding the events of the Hollywood blacklist still resonate. In reality, there were members of the Communist Party in Hollywood, but their numbers and the influence they brought to bear on the content of Hollywood movies was a meager fraction of the picture the HUAC was intent on painting. It’s about how public perception is everything and once that mud has been slung, it’s very hard to wash clean away. And that principle is as true today as it was back then.


“Reds in the Beds” by Martin Turnbull

Hollywood history is more than just colorful. It’s dripping with red.

As World War II ends, a new boogieman emerges: the Red Menace. When a scandal accuses Tinseltown of being riddled with Communists, MGM writing department head Marcus Adler needs to keep his reputation beyond reproach. Unfortunately in Hollywood, nobody’s past is spotless.

While the House un-American Activities Committee prepares to grill the brightest stars in town, gossip columnist Kathryn Massey is doing everything she can to shed the FBI informer mantle she carried during the war. Desperate to avoid tangling with a notorious mobster, Massey may have to take on J. Edgar Hoover himself to secure her freedom.

The war killed Gwendolyn Brick’s dream of opening her own store, but valuable secrets can creep into the strangest of places. From behind the perfume counter at Bullocks Wilshire, Brick makes a shocking discovery that could revive her dream and change multiple lives for good.

In postwar Hollywood, there are reds in the beds, the sharks are circling, and it’s feeding time.


The first chapter is available to read on my website: CHAPTER ONE


Reds in the Beds is available in all formats.

Martin Turnbull with "Reds in the Beds" - January 2016

Martin Turnbull with “Reds in the Beds” – January 2016

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For more information see the Reds in the Beds page of my website.


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is currently available for FREE in ebook formats.

"The Garden on Sunset" by Martin Turnbull

More information can be found on my website.


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And a personal note to everyone who has read my previous Hollywood’s Garden of Allah novels and took the time to tell me how much they enjoyed them, I’d like to take this opportunity to send out a great big


Your support has been wonderfully encouraging.

All the best,

Martin Turnbull


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The Hollywood's Garden of Allah novels by Martin Turnbull



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