Pillow talk with “Reds in the Beds” – and an audio book tip!

Recently, I received an email from a lovely woman in Connecticut who started reading my books the old-school way: via paperback. Then she was given a Kindle for Christmas, so she migrated to the ebooks. And then she got a new job, which required a much longer commute, which cut into what used to be her reading time. She wrote to say how pleased she was that I made my novels available on audio book because now she soaks them up while driving the country roads of New England.

She told me that the audio format is now her favorite way to “read” my books because it feels like a more intimate experience. I’d never thought about that before, so I asked her why. She replied saying that it feels like she’s in the car with a good pal who is telling her about what’s been happening with some mutual friends: Marcus, Kathryn, and Gwendolyn. She said it’s almost like pillow talk because she gets to “hear first hand about their lives and loves and ups and downs.”

I thought it was an ironic way to put it – “pillow talk” – considering the name of my latest audio release is book 5 in the series: Reds in the Beds.

"Reds in the Beds" by Martin Turnbull - audiobook cover

I am very pleased and excited to announce the release of the audio book version of book 5 in the “Hollywood’s Garden of Allah” series: Reds in the Beds.

My narrator – Lance Roger Axt – has done a terrific job of bringing post-war Hollywood to life as we follow Marcus, Kathryn and Gwendolyn through the darkly uncertain times of a Hollywood besieged by the boogieman-du-jour, the Red Scare.

The Reds in the Beds audio book is available through:


Garden on Sunset Audiobook cover SMALLAnd for people who are audio book fans, I have a handy little hint that I’ve just become aware of. Tech blogger Dave Taylor recently used my first book – The Garden on Sunset – to illustrate how listeners can save and share their favorite passages from the audio books they’re listening to. He explains how to do it on his post:
Share fave passages from Audible.com audio books


“Reds in the Beds” by Martin Turnbull

Hollywood history is more than just colorful. It’s dripping with red.

As World War II ends, a new boogieman emerges: the Red Menace. When a scandal accuses Tinseltown of being riddled with Communists, MGM writing department head Marcus Adler needs to keep his reputation beyond reproach. Unfortunately in Hollywood, nobody’s past is spotless.

While the House un-American Activities Committee prepares to grill the brightest stars in town, gossip columnist Kathryn Massey is doing everything she can to shed the FBI informer mantle she carried during the war. Desperate to avoid tangling with a notorious mobster, Massey may have to take on J. Edgar Hoover himself to secure her freedom.

The war killed Gwendolyn Brick’s dream of opening her own store, but valuable secrets can creep into the strangest of places. From behind the perfume counter at Bullocks Wilshire, Brick makes a shocking discovery that could revive her dream and change multiple lives for good.

In postwar Hollywood, there are reds in the beds, the sharks are circling, and it’s feeding time.


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About Martin Turnbull

The Hollywood's Garden of Allah novels blog is by Martin Turnbull, a Los Angeles based historical fiction author writing about the golden era of Hollywood in his series of novels set at the Garden of Allah Hotel, which stood on Sunset Blvd from 1927 to 1959. Check him out at www.martinturnbull.com and Facebook: "gardenofallahnovels"
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One Response to Pillow talk with “Reds in the Beds” – and an audio book tip!

  1. 2jacqmt2@tpg.com.au says:

    Hi Martin

    That’s lovely! I am very much enjoying reading “Reds in the Bed”, and it surely is like catching up with friends on their journey through life. Well done! I must try ‘reading’ an audio book!

    Each lesson in my advanced Italian Conversation Class, we each present something in Italian to be then discussed in Italian. I chose to discuss Reds in the Bed” which was made all the more interesting for the others as they had recently seen “Trumbo” at the local theatre.

    I also took your other books to show them and gave them the background to the series. They were fascinated.


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