Alla Nazimova in “The Red Lantern” (1919) is now on YouTube

For someone who was such an enormous star in the 1910s, it has long surprised me that so little of Alla Nazimova’s film work has been available for us to watch. Until yesterday, the only two films of hers that I’ve seen have been Camille (1921) and Salomé (1923) – and even then only because they had been uploaded to YouTube.

But one never knows what might float to the surface of the internet, and yesterday, it was brought to my attention that a third Nazimova film is now available to watch: The Red Lantern (1919)

"The Red Lantern" (1919) starring Alla NazimovaNazimova plays Mahlee, a Eurasian girl, who, amid the drama of the Boxer Rebellion (an anti-imperialist, anti-foreign, and anti-Christian uprising that took place in China between 1899 and 1901), is desperate to be accepted by her white father and sister, Blanche, also played by Nazimova.

The theme of the movie can be summed up by this screenshot:

But not before Nazimova has a chance to effect some striking poses:

Alla Nazimova in "The Red Lantern" (1919) Alla Nazimova in "The Red Lantern" (1919) Alla Nazimova in "The Red Lantern" (1919)Every time a new character arrives on the screen, regardless of how deep into the movie they appear for the first time, the action stops to introduce the character and the actor. But of course only Nazimova’s screen credits include her famous signature:

Alla Nazimova in "The Red Lantern" (1919)With Nazimova playing dual roles of both sisters, some nifty split screen special effects were called for:

Alla Nazimova in "The Red Lantern" (1919)
As with most silent films, high drama and fabulous costumes ensue:

Alla Nazimova in "The Red Lantern" (1919)Alla Nazimova in "The Red Lantern" (1919)


If you’d like to watch the whole movie, here you go:


And speaking of Nazimova, if you’d like to read more about her, my novel Chasing Salomé is now available. It covers the years following the making of The Red Lantern, when she sets out to produce her own movies. You can read more information with links to all retailers HERE.

"Chasing Salome" a novel by Martin Turnbull


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  1. David Neely says:

    I’m watching this too! David

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