“Chasing Salomé” audiobook and other news to share

I’m very happy to let you know that the audiobook version of my novel about Alla Nazimova  – Chasing Salomé – is now available. For this release, I accepted an offer from Oasis Audio, who wanted Chasing Salomé to be the first in their new Hollywoodland imprint of audiobooks dealing with Hollywood’s golden age. They suggested using the voice talents of New York actor, Romy Nordlinger.

"Chasing Salome" narrated by Romy NordlingerRomy has performed her original solo show PLACES also known as THE GARDEN OF ALLA about silent screen star Alla Nazimova to sold-out audiences and critical acclaim at HERE, Players Club, Dixon Place, 59E59, the Edinburgh Fringe, and The Kennedy Center. She has also shot co-starring roles on Bull (CBS), and FBI (CBS), and the independent feature Downrange. Off-Broadway credits include Lancelot, Shakespeare’s Slave, and Caligula. A member of the League of Professional Theatre Women, New York Women in Film & Television, Playwrights Gallery, and the Dramatists Guild, Romy is currently narrating her 220th audiobook.

I mean, really, with a resume like that, who better to narrate a novel about Madame Nazimova?

You can listen to the first ten minutes here:


More information about Chasing Salomé can be found on my website.

The audiobook of Chasing Salomé can be found through these retail outlets:


Amazon US (digital download)

Amazon US (CD set)

Book Depository (CD set, free worldwide shipping)

For those of you who have been asking about the progress of the possible screen adaptation of my Hollywood’s Garden of Allah novels, I can now announce that the producer, Tabrez Noorani, recently renewed our option agreement. It indicates that he is still actively developing the project, and so I was pleased to see him mentioning it in a recent interview: One-on-One with Tabrez Noorani.


THE HEART OF THE LION - a novel of Irving Thalberg’s Hollywood by Martin Turnbull

And in case you missed my previous announcement, my most recent book – THE HEART OF THE LION: a novel of Irving Thalberg’s Hollywood – is now out and receiving wonderful reviews. Here’s a sample:

Silver Screenings:
We read this book in two sittings, and probably would have done so even if we didn’t have an interest in Hollywood history. As a study of a man and an industry, The Heart of the Lion is a terrific read, and we heartily recommend it.

Art in Fiction
Turnbull expertly draws out the tension inherent in Thalberg’s constant awareness of his own frailty, even as he feverishly maintains a punishing work schedule. While the behind-the-scenes glimpses into the lives of a parade of famous stars make for a fascinating and entertaining read, the heart of the novel is Turnbull’s depiction of Thalberg’s emotional life.

Amazon review – 5 STARS
I very rarely write a review but I had to on this book. Every book Martin Turnbull writes is absolutely excellent and this one is no exception. He does his research and turns it into a story that is great to read. Such a talented writer. I wish the book was 1000 pages long so I could still be reading it !!

Amazon review – 5 STARS
The story of Irving Thalberg told in such a way that Hollywood comes alive, Mr. Thalberg was the man behind the movies in the golden age of movies. I had never heard of him before. The story part biography part story was told in such a way that putting it down was impossible. At the end I had laughed, cried, felt great empathy and felt that big let down when I finally read the last page, because it had ended.

Amazon review – 5 STARS
Martin Turnbull has created magic once again. Irving Thalberg came to life in the pages of this book and I felt I was part of the story-I was completely engaged the entire book. Such masterful story telling! Such real characters! Thank you for another amazing look into the early years of Hollywood.

You can find all the links to all the retailers HERE.


As ever, thanks for your interest in my work. I appreciate each and every one of you so very much.

All the best,

Martin Turnbull



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Chasing Salomé: a novel of 1920s Hollywood


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