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Hollywood…where it all began

We take the word ‘Hollywood’ for granted. Whether you’re a corn farmer from Iowa, a tango teacher from Buenos Aires, or you spend your days filling bottles of vodka in the back blocks of Moscow, the word ‘Hollywood’ conjures up … Continue reading

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The Evolution of a Book Cover

I’ve been working this week with the designer I’ve hired to come up with a cover of my first novel. When someone says ‘cover’ we tend to think purely of just the ‘front cover’ but of course a cover is … Continue reading

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Don’t Book a Cover by its Judge

When we’re reminded not to judge a book by its cover, it’s intended metaphorically. By ‘book’ we actually mean ‘people’ and we all know it’s very good advice. And in fact if by ‘book’ we actually do mean ‘book’ it’s … Continue reading

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You Are Not Alone

When I reconciled myself to the fact that the traditional road to publication (via literary agents and any one of the Big Six publishing houses who’d deign to have me) was not to be Martin’s Way, I figured that I … Continue reading

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